Using the Haloview RD7

by | Apr 7, 2020

We’ve been using the Halowview RD7 for over a 1,000 miles of travel and we’ve been pleased with the operation. We’ve written blogs and created videos over the past several months of the Haloview RD7 Backup Camera installation and Haloview RD7 Front and Side RV Cameras installation. What we haven’t shown is the use of the system while we travel.

Our blind spot cure

For our use, one of the big benefits with the side cameras was eliminating the right and left blind spots for the 5th wheel, especially in heavy traffic. Even with the use of our large truck and convex mirrors, we still have a spot that is difficult to see and more so when we are in a large city with multiple lanes with vehicles jockeying around to pass us. With the side cameras, I can now take a quick glimpse of the side mirrors and camera monitor to see if it’s safe to change lanes.

Rear camera view

Pulling the 5th wheel for now over 5 years, I didn’t fully appreciate the benefit of having a rear camera located in the back of the camper. In our last travels, we were in a campground that had very narrow roads, trucks and cars were parked near us on the side of the road, and I had to get very creative pulling into our space. Even though I had Joan at the back of the 5th wheel, it was so nice to see her standing in the back pointing out vehicles nearby and showing me the edge of our space.

We also had an instance in a truck stop where I needed to change fueling lanes. The backup camera gave me the safety of knowing what was behind us as we backed up and then moving to the adjacent lane next.

Overall, we’re very happy with the performance of the cameras and the wireless monitor.

(One note for the video below. We were on a very bumpy section of I-20 while recording the monitor view of this video. The monitor mount and video is very stable. It was holding a camera and the rough roads affecting the view.)

Additional information:

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