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by | Dec 29, 2018

Everyone has a different reason for RV Life. Some have weekends and a short vacation to get away. They enjoy a good book and some quite time without the TV in the background. Or more so, escaping from the social media demands of the Internet.

Other, such as Joan and I, either full time or spend extended months on the road and our RV is our home. Just like our lives in a sticks and bricks home, we want the same creature comforts in our RV and this includes the TV channels of interest along with reasonable WiFi service as we travel from destination to destination.

RV Internet Service

Internet can be a challenge. From phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, our Internet demands continue to grow. With the wide range of video entertainment streaming services, finding a quality WiFi signal in a campground can be challenging if not impossible. Most campground WiFi is intended for casual use from web surfing, a little Facebook and email. It can be cost prohibitive for the campground provider to ensure a high-bandwidth connection is available for every camper that is capable of streaming video.

There are other alternatives for high-bandwidth Internet with limited use restrictions offered by cellular providers and is now becoming more affordable. Most recently, Verizon offered a Pre-Pay hot spot service with unlimited usage for $70 per month and $5 off this amount if you set up credit card billing. We have been using this Pre-Pay service for several months with no issues. You can go to Verizon’s Pre-Pay Web Site or visit a Verizon store. Be aware that the Verizon sales person may not know of the offer. I personally had this issue. You can share the Verizon Internal Sales code of 28366 and this will help the sales person set up your account. One final note. These plans come and go. There’s no guarantee this plan is still offered as you’re reading this post.

RV Satellite TV Service

Equally useful is the Dish Outdoor program and the wide array of products offered for satellite TV service. For a couple hundred dollar investment in equipment, the RV traveler can have high quality video entertainment along with over 50 popular channels for only $34.99 a month plus tax. If you are an existing Dish subscriber, you can purchase a receiver and dish antenna, and receive your home programming for an additional $7 a month.

There are numerous options available for satellite antennas from a home style dish on a tripod to one of the automated versions that at the time of this video range from $299 to over a thousand dollars. Each automated satellite antenna has its pros and cons and application for use. These automated antennas are easy to set up and configure and within minutes of setup, you can be watching HD quality video in your RV.

If you’re interesting in the wide variety of satellite TV services offered by Dish, click on the Dish offering on the side of this page.

Below are links if you’re interested in purchasing the products discussed in this video. Please note: Prices and availability of the products mentioned in this video are subject to change.

Dish Wally HD Receiver Dish Wally HD Receiverhttps://amzn.to/2BHhKsI

Fantom 2TB External Drive Fantom 2TB External Drivehttps://amzn.to/2RnbQqI

Dish Playmaker Dish Playmakerhttps://amzn.to/2RpGI9W

King Tailgater King Tailgaterhttps://amzn.to/2VjfZLg

Winegard Pathway X2 Satellite Antenna Winegard Pathway X2https://amzn.to/2Rh30e8

Winegard TR-1518 Satellite Tripod Mount Winegard TR-1518 Satellite Tripod Mounthttps://amzn.to/2BMSm54

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