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by | Sep 11, 2021

If you own an RV and use it, there’s one thing you can be assured of – there will always be RV repairs required. I don’t want to throw a negative aspect on RV ownership, but it’s just a fact, RV repairs are a result of use, bad roads, things that fatigue due to use, and unfortunately, there are those occasional lemons that pop up. Joan and I use our 5th wheel a lot and as a result, we have had to make RV repairs. Most of the RV repairs have been minor and I was able do most of the repairs for all but two instances over the course of our travels. Below, I address some of the repairs we’ve made since our 5th wheel purchase in 2014, with the video below showing the latest RV repairs due our chest of drawer falling off the wall.

Repairing of 5th Wheel Chest of Drawer

Investigating the cause of the chest of drawers coming unattached from the bedroom does not seem to be a case of shoddy construction or materials; I believe it was from the continued exposure to rough roads and long travels over the past few years. In the video below I go through the repair and show the simple steps to remove the chest of drawers, reinforce to prevent future problems, and reattach to the 5th wheel bedroom wall. Our objective was not as much showing how to repair a chest of drawers in the RV as much to show how RV owners can made these repairs with simple tools, saving money and time as you continue your RV travels.

Past repair projects

Below are some typical repairs you too may need as your travel in your RV. From the comments we’ve received on our YouTube channel, we have helped many who have experienced these types of RV repairs and found the videos below helpful.

Repairing RV Cabinet Doors

rv cabinet door repairCabinet doors coming loose from their hinges are a very common problem. Continuous vibrations from highways and pot holes can cause the screws in the cabinet doors to loosen. In our instances, the holes would not allow the screws to be tightened. The repair is simple, takes minutes and we found this RV repair will last for years without recurrence.

Repairing RV Blinds

rv blind repairIf you own an RV with the pleated RV blinds, you may have experienced the strings breaking that hold the blind in place. It’s not unusual for one of these blinds to break within a year of use. If your RV hasn’t had this occur, it’s only a matter of time. The good news is the repair is simple, takes less than 30 minutes and costs pennies to repair.

Trailer Suspension Repair

rv suspension repairFor those of us who travel many miles along the rough US highways, we often share an event where some form of trailer suspension repair is needed. For Joan and me, we were on a long trip with continuous rough roads and construction to end with a large pot hole near the end of our travels. The result was a broken shackle spring support. This isn’t a complex repair and is performed by most businesses that specialize in trailer suspension repairs. In this video, I show how this type of repair is made.

I wish I could state: “Fear not, your RV travels will be without problems;” but that just isn’t part of RV life. The good news is most RV repairs can be made by those who have basic skills with the simplest of hand tools. There are instances where large structural or mechanical repairs may be needed and requires the call to the professional RV repair centers for help. Some simple advice after traveling thousands of miles in our 5th wheel with plans to travel thousands more – take your time, slow down on the rough roads and construction sites, and if it breaks, don’t let the repairs build up, make the repairs soon or take it to a reliable repair center.

Safe travels…

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