RV Digest It for RV Holding Tanks

by | Jun 1, 2019

Managing a black tank is often the most feared task when one starts RV life. Not to worry. It really isn’t a big deal. There are several steps you should always remember – only human waste and RV/marine toilet paper goes into the tank. Give a good flush after use. Never leave the valve gate open on a full hook up site. And lastly and most important, use a quality black tank enzyme to speed the process of breaking down black tank solids. We recently tried RV Digest-It in our RV holding tanks and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

RV Digest-It

RV Digest-It is an eco-friendly, formaldehyde-free enzyme solution specifically designed for RV and marine use. One of the major turn-offs with many blank tank additives is the heavy use of perfumed scents to mask black tank odor. I don’t know which is worse, the perfumes or the black tank, but mixing both together is a very unpleasant smell.

We found RV Digest-It to be odor free, plus it did a great job reducing tank odor between dumps. We have been using the product over the last 6 weeks. Adding only 2 ounce to the black tank after each dump, we found all solids including toilet paper was liquefied. I found this quite amazing with only 2 ounces added to our 36 gallon black tank. Our travels started out in cool shirt sleeve weather, but the last several weeks have been in the mid 90’s. RV Digest-It has performed well minimizing tank odors.

Testing the effectiveness of RV Digest-It

In the video, we conducted a test to see how RV-Digest-It would work attempting to dissolve hard, dry dog food in just a couple of hours. We were amazed with the results. We’ve seen similar dog food left in the rain and days later was still intact. In slightly over 3 hours, the test virtually dissolved the dog food. This was a much tougher test than anything that should be found in RV holding tanks and proves why the product is so effective.

One other maintenance tip

We’ve had a number of viewers contact us recently requesting advice on clogged black tanks due to leaving the tank valve open for days or weeks and one who forgot to dump their black tank after their camping trip last Fall. These can be costly mistakes, fortunately products such as RV Digest-It can remedy quickly. Pour 16 ounces in your black tank followed by a couple of gallons of hot water. Let set for a couple of days and the enzyme in RV Digest-It will dissolve the heavy sludge.

RV Digest-It Treatment Guide

We requested the Treatment Guide from Unique Camping and Marine, the manufacturers of RV Digest-It. This guide provides helpful tips on using the product for normal us, dry camping, recommended use by RV holding tank size along with a best practice to minimize black tank odor. Click here to download.

RV Digest-It Costs

Cost is very manageable. At the time of this blog, I’ve found the treatment running $16.00 to $20.00 for a 32 ounce bottle or 16 treatments. At $16.00 with Amazon prime, that’s $1.00 a treatment per dump for a very effective, environmental friendly and low cost method to maintain your RV black tank.

RV Digest-It

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