RV Accessories

Not sure what RV accessories you’ll need for your adventure?  Wish you knew what worked well and those items that are a waste of money?

When Joan and I started our RV travel, we had no idea what RV accessories were needed to start RV life. We knew we needed a number of essential items just to get started, but then “What were the items to make RV travel more enjoyable?” There’s always the conversation with fellow RVer’s to see what works best. There were also items purchased that were simply a waste of money.

We receive so many questions from this site and our YouTube channel about what we use and why it works, that I thought I would continue the conversation providing a list of the RV accessories we use, a brief “why”, along with where they can be purchased.  And if we have a blog or video about the accessory we share that too!

We currently use or have used every product listed below. You can take the following as a friendly suggestion from a fellow RVer, but as always, it’s still left up to the purchaser to make the decision as to what RV accessories will work best in their situation.

We have reviewed many of the products shown below and created associated videos and blogs. Search our complete blog listing here.

Camco RhinoFLEX 15ft RV Sewer Hose Kit

RV Essentials

Southwire 34950 Surge Guard 50 amp

RV Electrical

RV Accessories

RV Maintenance

igloo portable ice maker

RV Electronics & Appliances

X Chock RV Stabilizer

RV Stabilization

RV Tools & Components

solar & portable power

Solar & Portable Power

RV Essentials

If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, there are those items you don’t want to be without.  The basics to get started.  We created this list of RV Essentials for those who may not know where to start.  This isn’t an expensive list of RV products, but covers the basics for water, black and gray tank needs, and that ever important emergency weather radio. 

RV mattress

RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

Our RV mattress was hard as a brick. Just awful! We replaced with a RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding.  Four styles and comfort levels to fit any budget.  We love this mattress. 
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Camco TastePURE Inline Water Filter

Inline Water Filter

We always use an inline water filter. This gives that extra safety factor along with much improved water taste. With our heavy use, we typically get 3 to 6 months use our of a filter.
Purchase >

Unique RV Tank Cleaner

RV Black Tank Cleaner

Remove backed up and unusable RV black tank as the result of a pyramid plug, a compacted tank, or a clogged plumbing line. Works in 12 – 72 hours. We use yearly to deep clean holding tanks for routine maintenance.
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48 degree clear sewer adapter

45 Degree Clear Sewer Adapter

Monitor your black tank waste to ensure the tank flows clear before you close the release valve. Helpful if you have a blank tank flush system allowing you to see when the water becomes clear. Purchase >
rv sewer hose seal

Sewer Hose Seal

There are campgrounds where the sewer connection doesn’t have threads to screw in the bayonet adapter. A sewer hose seal between the dump pipe and bayonet minimizes leaks and those stinky smells.
Purchase >

NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio

NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio

The Midland Weather Alert Radio provides a public-alert certified monitor receiving 7 NOAA channels with flood, tornado, thunderstorm, and other warnings. This is one of our must have devices for RV travel.
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rv sewer hose kit

15ft RV Sewer Hose

We’ve used this hose in hot and cold climates and we’ve always had a solid connection. The handy elbow and bayonet adapter provide a tight seal to the campground dump station.
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Unique RV Digest-It Pods

RV Digest-It Pod Tank Treatment

Easy to use tank treatment pods. Drop in toilet and flush after each dump. Liquefies tank solids, keeps sensors clean, and prevents clogs. Most of all naturally prevents tank odor without artificial scents.
Purchase >

folding camping chair

The Perfect Camping Chair

Very comfortable, well made with convenient cup holder. The quilted seat and padded arms add to the comfort along with a slight tilt in the back makes this camping chair a favorite.
Purchase >

Rand McNally Truckers Road Atlas

Rand McNally Road Atlas

This truckers road atlas is a handy tool when making your RV travel plans especially for Class A, Class C or 5th wheel owners. Use to avoid low overpasses, narrow bridges and challenging roads. Purchase >
90 Degree Hose Elbow

90 Degree Water Hose Elbow

This is that very helpful item that eliminates the stress and strain on your RV water intake hose fittings. Without, you can run the risk of cracking the water intake over time.
Purchase >
rv sewer hose extension

10ft RV Sewer Hose Extention

Once or twice a year we go to a campground with full hook-ups where our sewer hose will not reach the campground dump station. A sewer hose extension provides a quick fix for our stay.
Purchase >
RV Digest-It Tank Treatment

RV Digest-It Liquid Tank Treatment

For those who prefer liquid tank treatments over powered. Liquefies blank tank solids and perfect for treating gray tanks ridding smelly grease and food particles keeping the tank sensors clean.   Purchase >

Scott RV Marine Toilet Paper

Scott RV Toilet Paper

Household toilet paper isn’t designed to dissolve quickly and may cause a stoppage when you dump your tank.This is comfortable toilet paper and dissolves quickly in the black tank.
Purchase >
Midland 36 channel two way radios

Midland FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios

These Midland FRS/GMRS walkie talkies make communications simple as you’re getting helpful guidance dodging tree limbs and tight spaces.
Purchase >
rv water pressure regulator

Water Pressure Regulator

Without a water pressure regulator we risk water leaks all over the RV. This model adjusts to a our desired pressure (we use 35lbs) and a gauge to ensure the water pressure is safe.
Purchase >
rv sewer hose support

RV Sewer Hose Support

No one enjoys the “stinky slinky dance”. A RV sewer hose support provides the proper slope to your hose allowing liquids to flow from the camper to the campground dump station.
Purchase >

Unique RV Toilet Cleaner

Unique RV Toilet Cleaner

Specifically designed for use in RV toilet bowls. Removes tough stains and toilet bowl rings. Contains no caustic chemicals like bleach that can affect active enzyme tank treatement products. Purchase >

Kootee no kink rv water hose

No Kink RV Water Hose

This has become our favorite RV drinking water hose.  We have a 25ft and 50ft.  These do not kink even in the coldest climate
Purchase >

folding step stool

Folding Step Stool

For uneven camp sites, the last step out of the camper can be a doozy. The step is the perfect companion to make access into the camper easy. Folds for storage and legs adjust from 7.5″ to 9.5″.
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General RV Accessories

As Joan and I continue our RV travels, we’ve found a number of “nice to have” items that either make travel from campground to campground easier or make the stay more enjoyable.  Below are a number of RV Accessories we use on a regular basis. 

rv screen door cross bar handle

Screen Door Cross Bar Handle

Inexpensive addition to the RV with a simple installation. Allows for easier exit and protection of RV screen doors with sturdy and secure grip. Purchase >
MAXXAIR Vent Cover

MAXXAIR Vent Cover

This is one of the first accessories we purchased for our RV. Protects your RV’s interior from rain allowing vent to be used in any weather condition. Very simple to install. Purchase >

Carefree RV Awning Shade

Carefree RV Awning Shade

We installed the Carefree RV Awning Shade after months with the rising sun heating up our casual space. The installation was very simple, taking about 30 minutes. Now just zip on and off!
Purchase >

thin shade ready for prepped lipper entry doors

Thin Shade Ready for Prepped Lipper Entry Doors

This upgrade for shade prepped Lipper entry doors was an inexpensive RV mod and the installation was very simple taking less than 5 minutes.
Purchase >

pet tube

Pet Travel Tube

For all pets – Spacious – Comfortable – Safe – Easy to install and store – Folds flat. Water resistant material for easy clean.  No distractions while driving. Storage carrying case included.
Purchase >

water hose quick connector

Water Hose Quick Connector

Hooking and unhooking your water hose can place stress on your RV water connection. Made of soild brass as found on higher-end RVs.  Simply screw on. Now snap your hose on and off. 
Purchase >

table cloth weights

Table Cloth Weights

Joan was tired of chasing the table cloth all over the campsite on breezy days. This is the perfect fix. 10 ounce weights clipped in the corners of the table cloth worked great. Easy to install and remove.
Purchase >

monument portable gas grill

Monument Portable Gas Grill

We’ve owned a number of lower cost camping grills, but they just don’t last. This all stainless steel portable grill has 207 sq in of grilling space. Two 15,000 burners perfect for steaks, fish and vegetables. Purchase >
RV awning replacement

RV Awning Replacement

It’s not if, it’s when will the RV awning need to be replace. Sun over time deteriorates the awning cloth and stitching. Or the unforeseen tree limb leaves a hole or rip. High quality and a 1 hour task.
Purchase >


Dri-Z-Air Pot

A simple yet effective product to minimize moisture in your RV. Requires no power. We in living area and the bedroom during the winter and apring months when moisture is highest.
Purchase >

heating RV drinking hose

Heated Drinking Water Hose

We use when camping late fall or prior to spring and temperatures often drop below freezing. This prevents the water in the hose from freezing. Reported to work below -40. This I’ll never test! Purchase >

combination pad lock

Combination Pad Lock

A 4 number tumbler pad lock. Secures items at the camp site. Removes the fear of losing a key or just the inconvenience of not having a key when needed.
Purchase >

5th wheel lube plate

5th Wheel Lube Plate

I’ve always used a 5th wheel lube plate. These have a large surface area for extra protection of hitch plate. No messy grease to deal with.
Purchase >

portable rocking chair

Folding Rocking Chair

Chill out with this portable folding rocking chair. Experience a smooth rocking action on any surface. Constructed of lightweight and sturdy powder-coated steel, and supports up to 250 pounds. Purchase >

one fourth rv gas grill hose kit

1/4 RV Hose and Connector Kit

This 1/4 hose and connector kit works with RVs that have 1/4 inch gas quick connections. The kits comes with hose, quick connect for grill and 1/4″ fittings.
Purchase >
6 X 9 camping mat

6 X 9 Camping Mat

This mat is great to use in closer areas near the entry of your camper. Helps minimize tracking dirt and when there’s minimum space, provides an area to place camping chairs.
Purchase >

dri-z-air refill crystals

Dry-Z-Air Refill Crystals

This is a low cost refill to use with the Dri-Z-Air Pot. Removes moisture from the interiors of RVs and campers. Crystals turn from solid to liquid. Fills approximately 5 of Dry-Z-Air pots.
Purchase >

portable trash bag holder

Trash Bag Holder

This trash bag holder is made of polypropylene and is built to handle standard 13- gallon trash bags and larger. No tools are required to set up. Use inside or outdoors. Handy around the campsite. Purchase >

5th wheel king pin lock

5th Wheel King Pin Lock

We use king pin lock when we want to secure our 5th wheel preventing someone from hooking to our 5th wheel kin pin. This lock would take a very substantial effort to defeat.
Purchase >

Oxygenics Hand Held Sprayer Kit

Oxygenics Hand Held Sprayer Kit

With low campground water pressure, we took “drizzles” not showers. The 5 minute install of the Oxygenics Hand Held Sprayer now provides a powerful residential style shower experience.
Purchase >

stainless steel tumblers

Stainless Steel Tumblers

No more broken more glasses in our RV travels. These tumblers are made of stainless steel, which can keep beverages hot for 3 hours and keep cold for 9 hours.
Purchase >

grilling pan

Grilling Pan With Handles

Made of stainless steel, this grilling pan is great for fish, sea food and vegetables preventing them from falling through the grate and adding that extra amount of heat control.
Purchase >

9 X 12 camping mat

9 X 12 Camping Mat

If we have the space, we prefer this larger mat. This allows us to place 4+ chairs and a couple of small camping tables to enjoy the company of our fellow RV travelers.
Purchase >

folding camping table

Aluminum Fold-Away Side Table

We love this table. Made from sturdy aluminum. It doesn’t rust regardless of the weather. We use at our camp site and the beach. Great for those evenings when you need a place to set a light, food or beverage. Purchase >

windshield car phone mount

Car Mount for Tablets & Phones

This windshield mount is ideal for holding a phone or tablet. It’s universal and offers a custom fit if you prefer to use 7″ to 8″ tablet or cell phone. Perfect for map directions or quick access. Purchase >

Flying Insect Screen RV Furnace Vent Cover

Flying Insect Screen RV Furnace Vent Cover

Screen fits most Duo-therm and Suburban furnace vents. Protects the furnace from wasps and mice nesting. For a few dollars prevents costly RV furnace repairs. Purchase >

folding grill table

Folding Grill Table

Plenty of space for all of your cooking gear with additional hooks and paper towel holder on the side. Lightweight, easy to set up in less than a minute to start grilling.
Purchase >
magnetic door catch

Magnetic Door Catch

RV Door won’t stay open? Easy fix. A couple of screws, lining up the latches to insure a positive magnetic connection and now the RV door stays open in the strongest breeze. Purchase >
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RV Maintenance

The various tools and products we’ve listed below are essential in maintaining our RV. Some are handy to simplify a task while others help prolong the life of the RV. 

camco flexible swivel stik

Flexible Swivel Stik

We use this handy tool once a year to clean, dislodge and flush those stubborn waste deposits and odor-causing particles left in the black tank after it’s emptied. Perfect for holding tanks that are offset from the toilet. Purchase >

Meguiar’s Marine/RV Boat Wash

Meguiar’s Marine/RV Wash

Meguiar’s Marine/RV Boat Wash safely removes grime and dirt without stripping wax protection. The non-streaking formula conditions and brightens your RV’s surface. Purchase >

dicor lap sealant

Dicor Lap Sealant

Important for yearly maintenance to ensure all seals are water tight. Use along a roofs edges, air vents, vent pipes and screw heads.
Purchase >

rv car wash brush

Soft Car Wash Brush & Handle

This car wash brush has soft bristles to help prevent scratching and extends keeping you on the ground and off the ladder. Great for cleaning the RV roof too.
Purchase >

rv water heater tank rinser

Water Heater Tank Rinser

This RV water heater rinser allows you to reach the back of the tank and flush out the harden minerals that can build up over time. This is part of my yearly maintenance tool kit.
Purchase >

Meguiar's M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax

Meguiar's Premium Marine Wax

Our favorite RV wax. Long-lasting protection and incredible deep gloss to fiberglass and gel coat surfaces. Protects against UV damage and wear. Formulated for hand or polishers. Purchase >
eternabond tape

EternaBond Tape RV Roof Repair

Permanent repairs for that accidental roof snag or the fallen limb leaving a hole in your RV roof. EternaBond Tape sticks and is virtually impossible to remove once applied.
Purchase >

Happy Camper Blank Tank Treatment

Happy Campers RV Tank Treatment

Eliminates odors and provides a biodegradable, environmentally friendly solution to maintain your black tank. It eliminate odors and liquefies solid waste including tissue. 
Purchase >
slide-out dry lube

Slide-out Dry Lube

We use this every 6 months to keep our sideouts working properly. This lube leaves a dry and waxy film, inhibiting dust adhesion, and protecting the slide mechanisms from road elements and salt.
Purchase >

Meguairs Marine RV Cut Compound

Meguiar's Marine-RV Cut Compound

Removes heavy oxidation without scouring the finish like conventional compounds. This rotary buffer compound is safe and effective on fiberglass gel coat and painted surfaces.
Purchase >

rv antifreeze

RV Antifreeze

Burst protection down to -50F when properly diluted. 100% biodegradable, GRAS, non-toxic, non-hazardous, safe with pets and kids. Cheap insurance to protect your RV.
Purchase >

slideout rubber seal lube

Slideout Rubber Seal Lube

This lube is used every 6 months to prevent cracking and deterioration of our slide out rubber seals. Conditions, keeps flexible, and prolongs seal life.
Purchase >

Meguiar's M5001 MarineRV One Step Cleaner Wax

Meguiar's One Step RV Cleaner Wax

If time is a limit and the RV needs a good scrub, this quickly cleans, polishes and protects all fiberglass gel coat RV surfaces in one easy step. Provides durable, long-lasting protection.
Purchase >
303 UV Protectant

303 UV Protectant

When it comes to protecting your RV, the sun and UV rays can be a beast. We use 303 UV Protectant on our tires and awnings. It protects against fading, discoloration and cracking.
Purchase >

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RV Electrical

We have tested and currently use these items during our RV travel. We’ve had a number of instances where our RV surge protection saved our electrical appliances and air conditioners. We share the different electrical adapters and devices that are a must for RV travel to ensure whatever electrical connection provided will serve your camper.

Active Controls Active Start

Active Controls ActiveStart

The Active Control ActiveStart is an all-in one RV soft start and surge protector which solves two of the biggest problems in power management. Perfect device to run RV air conditions on 2000 watt or larger generators. Use  Code “Jerry” and save. Purchase >

30 amp extension cord

15 foot 30 Amp Extension Cord

If your RV has a 30 amp RV electrical service, this is a simple fix for those times when the RV exceeds the distance for your regular service cord to reach the power pedestal.
Purchase >

Marsauto 194 LED LIght Bulb T10

194 LED 12V Light Bulb T10

We use these LED bulbs for our RV marker lights. Draws less than a third of the power used by a standard 12V t10 bulbs. These bulbs are extremely bright white.
Purchase >

15 ft 50 amp extension cord

15 foot 50 Amp Extension Cord

At least a couple of times a year we arrive in a campground where our 50ft power cable will not reach the power pedestal. This 15ft extension cord saves the day.
Purchase >

2 - 30 amp to 50 amp adapter

Twin 30 to 50 Amp Adapter

A great adapter for RV campgrounds that may not offer a 50 amp connection, but two 30 amp in the same pedestal. This provides double the power over a single 30 amp connection. Purchase >

BA15S 1156 1141 LED bulb

12 Volt DC BA15S 1156 1141 LED bulb

We use these LED bulbs in all of our outside RV fixtures that call for this style of bulb. Very low power consumption and extremely bright. Purchase >

30 to 50 amp rv adapter

30 Amp to 50 Amp Adapter

Converts a 30 amp connection to a 50 amp. Event though much lower amperage, we are able to visit those beautiful state and federal parks only offering a 30 amp connection.
Purchase >

303 UV Protectant

15 to 30 Amp Adapter

For RVs equipped with a 30 amp electrical connection. Perfect for keeping power to the RV at home for basic needs such as batteries charging or driveway surfing at a friends house.
Purchase >

921 wedge led bulb

12 Volt DC 921 Wedge LED Bulb

Reduce power consumption and heat. These offer a 3000k warm white light and fit the T10 socket. These are rated at 12-24 volts and will not burnout while the batteries are charging.
Purchase >

15 to 50 amp adapter

15 Amp to 50 Amp Adapter

A great addition allow us to keep our batteries charged at home or for those occasions we are driveway surfing at a friend or family members home.
Purchase >

25ft 10-gauge extension cord

25ft 10-Gauge Extension Cord

For those times you need to driveway surf or parked at home. A large 10-gauge, heavy duty 110-volt extension cord to keep your batteries charged or run basic electronic devices in your RV. Purchase >

kill a watt usage monitor

Kill A Watt Monitor

The Kill A Watt Monitor is useful tool used to check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency, and Wattage.
Purchase >

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RV Electronics and Appliances

Even in our RV travels, we want the comforts and amenities of home. The use of certain electronics and appliances add to the convenience for driving, work, play and the kitchen. Below are items we’ve found that work well in an RV.

Serpower PT45 Portable RV refrigerator

SetPower PT45 12 Volt Refrigerator

SetPower PT45 portable refrigerator is equipped with a 12V/24V DC cord and a 110-240V AC cable. At 45qt, dual zones and a cooling range from 0°F to 50°F. 35Whr low power consumption. Purchase >
king jacl hdtv rv antenna

King Jack RV Antenna

Our older “batwing” antenna finally bit the dust. We decided to retire and replace with the King Jack HDTV directional antenna. Easy install, handy signal finder and great reception.
Purchase >

Haloview Byte Tango Wireless RV

Extended Range Wireless RV Camera & Monitor

Byte Tango Series systems are ideal for fifth wheel, travel trailers and motor homes up to 65 ft providing a powerful interference-free signal even at Interstate speeds.
Purchase >
12 volt dc portable fan

12 Volt DC Portable Fan

A RV 12 Volt portable fan is a necessity in the warmer months when overnight parking at a Walmart or truck stop or stopping for lunch in a rest area. Fits in a standard 12-volt outlet.
Purchase >

freezimer portable ice maker

Freezimer Portable Ice Maker

This large unit makes 33Lbs of ice in 24 Hours. In 7-10 minutes get 9 pcs bullet-shaped ice cubes. Stainless steel outside. Fits most RV counter tops and easy to store. We use weekly in our travels. Purchase >

2 - 30 amp to 50 amp adapter

King Jack Antenna Mounting Plate

Use when replacing an existing RV antenna with a King Jack HDTV antenna. Provides a solid base and covers other holes used by the old antenna and not used with the King Jack. Purchase >

30 amp extension cord

Mirror Dashcam & Wireless Camera

An integrated rearview mirror dash cam and wireless back-up camera for your RV. The RD10 system is best suited for rear camera installations under 80 feet.
Purchase >

wall mount fan

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan

Fans in a bedroom, especially a 5th wheel front bedroom and be a challenge. Low ceilings and cramped space limits where and the type of fan to use.
Purchase >

igloo portable ice maker

Igloo Portable Ice Maker

A small ice maker for RVs with little cabinet or counter top space.  Produces a set every 7 minutes. It’s quite operation keeps us in plenty of fresh ice. Purchase >

haloview mc10 wireless camera system

Mirror Dashcam & Wireless Camera

An integrated rearview mirror dash cam and wireless back-up camera for your RV. The MC10 system is best suited for rear camera installations under 33 feet.
Purchase >


ODBLink MX+ Bluetooth ODB2

Using free phone app, the OBDLink MX+ provides a clear presentation of the engine and transmission meters we prefer when towing and the added benefit to quickly diagnose engine warnings if needed. Purchase >

Black and Decker Single Serve Coffeemaker

Single Serve Coffeemaker

Fast, no-hassle way to get your perfect cup of coffee! This single-serve coffeemaker brews directly into the included travel mug so you can get started with your day.  Jerry’s favorite coffee maker used every day.
Purchase >

haloview mc7109r reaview camera system

Haloview Rear Camera System

Simple to install system. A 7″ inch screen that supports up to 4 cameras. Replace existing rear marker light with wireless back-up camera. Best suited for rear camera installations under 33 feet. Purchase >

Haloview 7 inch 720P Wireless Range Dominator 4-Camera System RD7 Ultimate

Haloview RD7 4-Camera System

For long RVs up to 80 feet in length. The Haloview Range Dominator 7 wireless camera system has a rear, front and 2 side marker cameras. The 720 wireless monitor provides HD quality video. Purchase >

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RV Stabilization

These are great products to remove that shake and wiggle experience when you park the RV.  These work best for RVs that are not equipped with a 6-point leveling system.  Some are 5th wheel specific, others work well with any 2 or 3 axle camper.

EPOARTIST Camper Stabilizer

EPOARTIST Wheel Chock Stabilizer

EPOARTIST has created a camper wheel chock stabilizer scissor that applies pressure between the tires of two axles. The unit stabilize the movement experience due to tire and axle shift.
Purchase >

rubber wheel chock

Rubber Wheel Chocks

Before you unhook your 5th wheel or pull behind camper, always chock both sides, front and back axle wheels to prevent the RV from rolling. Even if the site looks level, take this important safety step. Purchase >

king pin stabilizer

King Pin Stabilizer

Our king pin stabilizer has served us well. Our unit it good quality construction and has severed us since purchased on 2014 years. It helps to minimize the bounce often felt from movement over the king pin area of a 5th wheel. Purchase >

rv levelers

RV Levelers

Makes leveling your RV fast. Easily level your RV any increment from 1/2 inch up to 4 inches in minutes.
Purchase >
x chock stabilizer

X Chock RV Stabilizer

This wheel chock minimizes the amount of forward and backward motion often experienced from movement for any RV or camper that has a minimum of 2 axles.
Purchase >

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RV Tools

Things are going to break in our RV travels.  Most are small, general maintenance tasks, while others may require a specialty tool for RV upgrades.  The tools below range from basic, “never leave home without”, to nice to have items for that special RV project. 

digital multimeter

Digital Multimeter

I used this every time we plug into a campground to check the electrical connection before I plug in the RV to make sure voltage is correct and the connection is safe. Perfect for RV electrical repairs.
Purchase >

Titan wire lug crimping tool

Wire Lug Crimping Tool

Perfect for RV wiring projects. Contains color-coded wire size markings for red (22-18 AWG), blue (16-14 AWG), and yellow (12-10 AWG) terminals. Simple to use for precise, repeatable crimps.
Purchase >

connector lug kit

Connector Crimp Lug Kit

These lugs work great with the crimper tool. The kit includes forks, rings, hooks, quick disconnects, and butt connectors perfect when creating that factory style RV wiring project.
Purchase >

kill a watt usage monitor

Electricity Usage Monitor

This is a low cost, simple to use, measurement tool will help with you power demand calculations. Just plug in the Kill A Watt monitor, plug the AC device into the monitor and you have the power requirements. Purchase >

11 in 1 multi tool

11-in-1 Multitool

A favorite tool that has a flat and phillips bit, and the square head for most of the screws found in RVs. I keep this multi-tool screwdriver in the RV for those times when you just need to tighten something or for quick repairs. Purchase >

12 inch v-jaw plier

12" V-Jaw Plier

One of those “never leave home without it” items. Great for removing those stuck water hoses or tightening a loose plumbing fitting.
Purchase >
Black N Decker cordless drill

Black & Decker Cordless Drill

For those quick fixes – a loose drawer, replacing cabinet screws or just minor maintenance where a good quality, price conscience cordless drill is needed. Comes with 30-piece accessories.
Purchase >
klein wire cutter stripper

Klein Wire Stripper & Crimper Tool

This is a very handy tool for electrical RV projects. Presets to strip wire from 8-22AWG, crimps small wire lugs and cuts wire. A universal tool that makes wiring projects easy with a professional touch. Purchase >

mechanic socket set

40 Piece Mechanics Socket Set

I don’t need this often, but when I do, I’m so glad it’s part of my tool kit. This small set has most of the sockets needed for basic truck and RV repairs and maintenance.
Purchase >

smiths jiffy pro sharpener

Smith's Jiffy Pro Sharpener

This sharpener is super simple to use. The tool is quick, easy and safe to be used at the RV, on outdoor treks and for other activities that require you to sharpen your favorite knives.
Purchase >

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Solar & Portable Power

We have tested and currently use these items during our RV travel. RV Solar and portable power has been a great addition giving us the ability to power the RV for long tows and overnight stops without campground power.
BougeRV Fiberglass Curved solar panel

BougeRV Fiberglass Curved Solar Panel

BougeRV advanced fiberglass curved solar panel, weighing only 4 pounds. Crafted from flexible fiberglass material, can bend up to 270 degrees for installation on boats, RVs, Jeeps, and roofs. Use code “bougerv” and save. Purchase >

epoch lithium batteries

Epoch Lithium Batteries

Designed & Engineered in the USA with an 11 Year Warranty and Advanced BMS. Sizes from 50A to 460A in 12V, 24V and 48V batteries. With and without bluetooth, low temperature charging limits, and heaters.
Purchase >
Victron Energy SmartShunt 500 amp Battery Monitor

Victron Energy SmartShunt 500 amp Battery Monitor (Bluetooth)

Using smart phone/tablet and you can read out all monitored battery parameters – like state of charge, time to go, historical info and more.
Purchase >
BougeRV Mono Solar Panel

BougeRV Mono Solar Panel

100W, 200W, or 400W rigid solar panels. Lightweight, high-efficiency, affordable, and durable BougeRV rigid solar panels for RVing, camping, boating, and home. Use code “bougerv” and save.
Purchase >
Oupes Portable Power Stations

OUPES Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Stations from 600 Watts 595Wh to 4000 Watts 10,080Wh with extra add-on battery. Solutions to power devices for weekend camping to solar generation powering entire RV for long term off-grid needs.
Purchase >
Time USB 12V 230A Lithium Battery

Time USC 12V 230A Lithium Battery

One of the lower cost lithium batteries, but high value with 230A and a 150A BMS. Contains four Grade A Automotive Prismatic lithium cells inside, which has 4000~15000 cycles and estimated 10-year lifespan.
Purchase >
BougeRV MPPT Solar Charger

BougeRV MPPT Solar Charger With Bluetooth

Bluetooth remote control. Lithium LifePO4 compatible with low temp disconnect. High tracking efficiency is up to 99.5%. Units in 30, 40, and 60 Amps. Use code “bougerv” and save.
Purchase >
LiTime LifePO4 Lithium Batteries

LiTime LifePO4 Lithium Batteries

LiFePO4 batteries high-quality Automotive Grade LiFePO4 cells and a UL-certified BMS for higher energy density, greater power, and more stable performance. RV batteries from 100 to 460Ahr. Save with code “ilovervlife”. Purchase >
BougeRV Solar Cables and Accessories

Solar Power Cable and Accessories

Fuse holders, wires, fuses, mounting brackets, solar panel cables, MC4 connectors, and specialty tools are all important parts of your solar power system. Use code “bougerv” and save.
Purchase >
LiTime 3000 watt inverter

LiTime Pure Sine Wave Inverters

12V battery power inverters for home, RV, marine, and outdoor use. LiTime offers reliable pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverters with high power output, advanced safety features, and rugged design Purchase >
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