Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station – Powering Our 5th Wheel Off Grid

by | Feb 10, 2024

Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station – Powering Our 5th Wheel Off-Grid

The evolution of portable power stations continue to show substantial advances in features and function while decreasing costs for watt hour performance. At iLoveRVlife, we have used a wide variety of portable power stations for a number of years and are excited to see the manufacturers create units that work very well for RV travel. We have been looking at portable power stations that have increased watt hours, higher capacity pure sine wave inverters, and the ever important, 30 amp RV style power connector. We tested the new Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station and found its features and performance to be a perfect fit for our RV lifestyle.

The Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station

As we consider portable power stations, we are looking for those that will operate all of our RV 120V AC devices and appliances for an extended period of time. The Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station does that with 15 ports supporting USB, 12V and both 20 Amp and 30 Amp 120V receptacles. With the equipped 2048Wh of battery capacity, we are able to make our overnight Harvest Host stops without the need of a gas power generator, powering our GE residential refrigerator, microwave for a quick meal, watch TV, charge our portable devices, and watch a few hours of TV before we call it a night and resume travel the next morning.

For longer stays, the Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station can support up to 2,100 Watts of solar input using either fix or portable solar panels. With this increase solar capability, we are able to replace power used during the day with excess solar capacity recharging the unit for evening use.

Oupes MEGA 2 with B2 Multi-functional BatteryWe also like the ability to expand the watt hour capacity of the unit with the addition of one or more B2 Multi-functional Batteries each adding 2,100Wh with the ability to increase the MEGA 2 to a total of 10,240Wh of capacity. This gives that extra capacity for longer periods operating higher wattage appliances and storing power when solar production may be degraded due to weather conditions.

We put the Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station to the test. View the video below to see the full testing over 3 days using a wide range RV appliances and solar charging.

The Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station Features


  • Capacity – 2048Wh
  • Battery Chemistry – LFP(LiFePO4)
  • Cycle Life – 3,500+ cycles to 80% capacity
  • UPS – ≤20ms


  • AC Output – 4X120V/2500W
  • DC Output 0 2X5.5mm DC Output 12V/10A
  • USB-A – 4 X QC3.0 18W Max
  • USB-C – 5V/3A:9V/3A:12V/3A:15V/3A:20V/5A (100W Max)
  • AC TT-30 Output – 120V/2500W
  • Car Output – 12V/10A
  • Anderson Output – 12V/30A


  • Fast AC Charge Input – 100~120Va.c 16A Max 1600W Max
  • Slow AC Charge Input – 100~120Va.c 16A Max 800W Max
  • Solar Input – 12~150Vd.c 15A Max 2100W Max

Smart Control

  • Connectivity – Bluetooth, WiFi
  • App Control – Yes

4 modes to charge the unit

  • AC Fast Charge – 1600W
  • AC Slow Charge – 800W
  • Solar – 12V to 150V 15A Max Up to 2100W
  • 12V Car Outlet
  • AC and Solar combined for 3700W


  • Net Weight – 45.81b.(22kg)
  • Dimensions – 18.1*10.6*12in (460*270*305mm)
  • Operating Temperature – 0℃~40℃/30℉~104℉
  • Storage Temperature – 0℃~40℃/30℉~104℉
  • Certification – UN38.3.MSDs
  • Warranty – 36 Months


The Oupes MEGA 2 Power Station ran all of the appliance we use in our Montana 5th wheel. With the higher capacity solar connectivity, we are able to use the MEGA 2 during the day and keep the internal batteries charged for evening use. And with the ability to add the B2 Multi-functional Batteries, we can run higher wattage appliances for longer periods while storing power for the days when solar production maybe limited.

Out thanks to Oupes providing the MEGA 2 Power Station for our review. I have provided links below for more information about the MEGA 2 power station along with a code to use at check out for additional savings.

Oupes MEGA 2 Portable Power Station
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