Noccalula Falls Park – Gadsten AL

by | Apr 20, 2019

One of the great things about RV life is the adventure. When Joan and I plan to visit a new area for the first time, we Google and TripAdvisor to see if there are places of interest we may enjoy. You may find a few pictures or a blog, but sometimes, it’s hard to capture in a picture or words something very special nature has created. Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsten AL was one of those “Oh Wow!”” places.

You can view the Falls walking from the edge of the Park for free or pay a small fee to walk the trails to the base of the Falls and see other items of interest from Noccalula Falls Park. Our cost was $4 for access, a bargain, and we started our tour.

First stop was the Pioneer Village.

There we a number of log buildings moved to the property and restored. Many of these structures were over 190 years old and provided a glimpse into life of earlier settlers from nearby Tennessee. I show a number of these log buildings in the video including living quarters, blacksmith shop, general store and more. We visited the Falls in early spring and we show some of the gardens, the Gilliand- Reese Covered Bridge built in 1899 and other points of interest along the walking paths.

There were a number of venues for kids with the access to the Park including a Petting Zoo, playgrounds, riding the authentic Huntington miniature train and a wide range of picnic areas.

The main attraction is the Falls.

The Falls trails weren’t to difficult to manage. Relatively flat with the exception of some rocky sections near the Falls, we strolled through Black Creek Gorge to the Falls. Arriving at these 90-foot tall falls were something to see. And better yet, the trail took us behind the Falls with a rear view toward the creek. We couldn’t get enough video and pictures of the the rare view.

Heading back to the main Park, we took a short diversion to the Suspension Bridge crossing Black Creek. A bit of a trek, but worth it to see the Spring flowers in bloom, the massive rock out croppings along the gorge to the creek. Crossing the bridge, the trail continues outside of the private park to the public space and a campground area.

Noccalula Falls Park offers a great place to get-away, hike and enjoy nature or a fun destination for the entire family to spend a day.

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