Installing WeatherTech Mud Flaps

by | Sep 24, 2022

Recently, we ran into heavy rains when towing our 5th wheel in the mountains. The large dually back wheels threw mud and gravel on the front and sides of the 5th wheel and made a huge mess. Something had to be done to protect the 5th wheel from damage and just getting road dirty when traveling. I purchased a set of front and back WeatherTech mud flaps to protect the 5th wheel and truck. The installation couldn’t have been easier.

WeatherTech Mud Flaps

Installing WeatherTech Mud FlapsI wanted a set of mud flaps that had a style that looked like a factory accessory. Also, I did not want to drill into the F-350 or cut the mud flaps to fit. I wanted a total solution with mud flaps and hardware to support a simple installation and wanted something with style that just didn’t hang of the back of the truck.

Researching a number of manufacturers and options, I purchased the WeatherTech Mud Flaps for the front and back of our 2014 Ford F-350 dually. We found the mud flaps to be a perfect fit and the installation took less than two hours. A key benefit was the ability to install the mud flaps without tire removal and no requirement to drill into the fender well. The mud flaps were contoured specifically for the F-350 front and dually rear fenders. Another plus, the WeatherTech mud flaps were molded for a perfect fit and all included hardware made the installation very simple.

Installing WeatherTech Mud Flaps

Installing WeatherTech Mud FlapsThe installation took less than two hours including moving the truck in the garage, getting tools, installing the mud flaps and installation clean up. The instructions were on a single sheet of paper and easy to follow. I would suggest using a fender rivet removal tool to remove the plastic rivets from the rear fender wells. This will save a significant amount of time and prevent damage to the fender well. This is an inexpensive tool and can be purchased from Amazon or most local auto parts store.

To install the mud flaps on the rear, I removed the specified plastic rivets, added screw retainer clips to the fender well, and screwed each fender in place.

Installing WeatherTech Mud FlapsThe front mud flaps were much simpler. I removed two screws, placed the mud flaps, screwed into the fender well with same screws and added a small bolt in a bottom tab.

The mud flaps look and work great. The finish looks factory and recently traveling over a thousand miles in the rain and along highway construction, the front of the 5th wheel no longer collects rock chips, road grim and tar. Plus the truck doors and running boards no longer collect mud when we’re in campgrounds with dirt or graveled roads.

Easy installation, competitively priced and a quality product made the WeatherTech Mud Flaps a perfect solution to protect our Montana 5th wheel and Ford F-350.

Installing WeatherTech Mud Flaps
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