Installing the Active Start 50 AMP ACS50W Softstart and EMS

by | Mar 30, 2024

Installing the Active Start 50 AMP ACS50W Softstart and EMS

I’m always looking for very innovative solutions for the power of our Montana Fifth Wheel. One of the challenges with RVs, especially 50 AMP powered models, concerns a 30 AMP connection at a state or federal RV park or when connected to a 3500 watt generators and have the ability to efficiently run an air conditioner. To accomplish this, RV owners often use a soft start device. A soft start prevents that surge or significantly reduces the surge when the air conditioner compressor starts. Most RV air conditioners typically run in the 10 to 11 amps which is well within the operating budget of a 3500 watt generator. But, you can experience a start-up surge ranging from 50, 60, or 70 amps and I’ve even seen some RV air conditioners generate a 100 amp momentary surge that can run for 1 to 3 seconds. We remedied this problem by installing the Active Start 50 AMP ACS50W Softstart and EMS.

Benefits of an RV Air Conditioner Softstart

When an air conditioner start-up surge occurs, if often trips the breaker on that 30 amp campground pedestal or will create an overload conditioner that shuts down the generator and you can never get that generator to level off to where it can meet the demand of the air conditioner.

If a condition can be created to get past that surge, the generator operated wthout any problem with the 10 to 11 amps the air conditioner requires.

A soft starts can reduce the air conditioner initial surge by 50% giving the generator the ability  to operate when the air conditioner first starts.

Installing the Active Start 50 AMP ACS50W Softstart and EMS

The  Active Start 50 Amp ACS50W is a permanently install unit that will be installed inside the fifth wheel between the power connection located on the outside of the fifth wheel and the breaker panel. This is a good options for those that are full-time RVer’s not want to deal with another item when setting up their RV, or if there’s security issues in a camping location.

This unit must be physically wired into the RV 50 Amp main power feed and something the average RV owner may not have the skill set to do. I strongly recommend that if you are not an electrician, then consider hiring one if you’re planning to install one of these units in your RV. This is a high voltage connection to the RV and using a qualified electrician reduces your exposure to electrical shock or possible damage to your RV. Our installation took the electrician less than an hour.


  • Two softstarts for each 50 amp leg
  • Bluetooth control
  • Over Voltage Limits: 132 VAC per leg
  • Under Voltage Limits: 103 VAC per leg
  • Surge Protection: 5250 Joules
  • Current: Maximum nominal= 50 Amps
  • Over Current Limits: ACS50xx = 53A
  • Disable EMS function
  • Disable SoftStart for high amperage devices

Testing the Active Start 50 AMP ACS50W Softstart

We tested the ACS50W our 3500 watt generator. The generator is rated to a max of 30 amps total output. The ACS50W did a great job allowing us to run both 15000 BTU air conditioners and our residential refrigerator with power to spare for TVs and our cellular Internet router.

The ACS50W ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart with enhanced EMS, and Surge Protection is an excellent device to consider for hardwired installation of 50 Amp powered RVs. And with the added benefit of surge protection and energy management, the ACS50W provides a cost effect solution for RV power needs.

Our thanks to Active Control for providing the ACS50W for our review. We have provided helpful links below the video for more information about the ACS50W along with the checkout code “Jerry” for additional savings at purchase.

Installing the Active Start 50 AMP ACS50W Softstart and EMS
Helpful Links:
Active Control Active Start Softstart Products

Use the code “Jerry” at check out to save!

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