Escapees Rainbow Plantation RV Park – Summerdale AL

by | Sep 28, 2019

Joan and I travel on a budget. Every now and then we will splurge on a campground that may be at the higher end of our budget, but then we’re looking for places along our travel route that may be a little more affordable. One such place is Rainbow Plantation Campground located in Summerdale, AL. We have stayed in a number of Escapees campgrounds and always found them to cater to those who are the occasional RV traveler, full timer or long timer as the multi-month style of RV’ing that Joan and I experience.

About Escapees

Just a note about Escapees. We have been members from day one of our RV travels. Escapees is as much a community as it is an organization. Starting in 1978, Escapees was created to remove some of the challenges RV’ers faces with long term travels. They offer services such as mail forwarding, an advocacy program for RV needs and a number of Rainbow Parks from Florida to Washington State. We’ve stayed in several of the Rainbow Park campgrounds and have found them not only very affordable, but perfect for our style of travel and needed amenities while we are on the road.

The Location

Rainbow Plantation Campground is located about halfway between I-10 and Gulf Shores, AL. The beach is located 15 minutes from the campground where Gulf Shores State Park is located with free beach parking and access to beautiful sugar sand beaches. Fort Morgan is a great historical stop less than 30 minutes west of the beach providing a view in to how we protected our shores from the War of 1812 until the end of WWII. And Mobile, AL is 30 minutes away from the campground with a multitude of sites to see including the USS Alabama and much more.

The Campground

Escapees-Rainbow-RV-Park-Summerdale-AL-mapThe campground offers water, up to 50 amp electrical connections and sewer. Paved roads provide access to the sites and each camping spot is hard packed grass covered and level. One thing that is unique about Rainbow Park Campground is the double width sites with deep green space behind each spot. Add the many that sites that have beautiful, sweeping live oak trees and the camping experience is idea. The campground also has a club house, laundry and pool. Click the map on the right for more information.

Great coastal food

When you travel to this area, you must experience to coastal food. From high-end 5 star to those favorite local spots, there is no shortage of places to experience the local seafood cuisine that is a mix of the coast, home style Alabama and even a little bayous influence that makes each eatery a little different.

Friendly, very affordable, short access to the beach, great places to tour, ample shopping and restaurants makes this an ideal place to spend time enjoying the Alabama coast.

Additional information:

Escapees Rainbow Plantation – Summerdale, AL –

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