Cleaning Black Tank Sensors and Tank Treatment with Unique RV Digest-It

by | Dec 10, 2022

We understand some of the challenges with an RV black tank and as with many, experienced odor and clogged tanks when we first started our travels. Fortunately, there are products that eliminate the challenges that often occur with black tank use. For Joan and I, we use a series of products created by Unique Camping and Marine including the tank cleaner, RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment, and RV Toilet Cleaner. These products help us ensure our black and gray tanks are odor and trouble free.

There a series of RV topics that get discussed often and they all consist of how to deal with the black tank. The ones we get most often are:

  • I’m afraid to use toilet paper in our black tank.
  • We don’t use the bathroom in our camper because we don’t want it to smell.
  • No matter what we do, our black tank has a terrible smell.
  • My black tank sensors read full, but my tank is empty.
  • My black tank is full and I can’t dump.

We’ve found our use of Unique Camping and Marine products in our black and gray tanks not only addresses these concerns and problems, but has eliminated throughout our years of RV travel.

RV Holding Tank Cleaner

Unique RV Holding Tank CleanerThe repair task that is both very costly and dreaded by RV technician is repairing a clogged black tank. We’ve talked to many RV techs and they’ve shared the process and the awful experience of eliminating years of sludge and toilet paper build-up at the bottom of a tank and at the dump valve that can occur when a RV black tank isn’t properly maintained.

The good news is there is an easy and inexpensive solution to ensure sludge build-up does not occur with the added benefit of keeping the RV tank sensors clean and reading properly.

On our yearly RV maintenance calendar, we clean our black tanks. The process is very easy and removes any sludge build-up and cleans any sensor that may not be reading properly. We dump the black tank, close the valve, pour a bottle of Unique Holding Tank Cleaner in to the black tank, then fill the tank with water. We do this early evening, then 12 hours later, we dump the tank. Any sludge or toilet paper that may have built up over the year is completely digested and comes our of the tank as a light brown liquid.

And for those who may experience a tank clog, adding a bottle of the holding tank cleaner and letting it work for 12 hours or up to 72 hours for those hard packed clogs will free the tank.

RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

RV Digest-It PodsWhen we first started RV travels, we tried a number of different black tank treatments to manage odor – you know, the green, blue, orange, and red ones. The experience with each was not pleasant. Each did little to manage the smell and then adding the odd perfume of each treatment mixed with the tank holdings made the odor obnoxious.

Then during our first year of travel, we had that event to everyone dreads. Our black tank was full and it was clogged at the dump valve. What a nightmare. If we had only known there were products that consisted of an active bacteria and enzyme that would effectively dissolve organic material and toilet paper to prevent both odor and the dreaded clog. And that’s where RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment came to the rescue.

RV Digest-It is a natural product of bacteria and enzymes that are reported to be safe to use with all state dumping laws. It contains no formaldehyde or bronopol. From our experience, it effectively breaks down solid waste and toilet paper between each dump preventing clogs at the dump valve. But equally important, RV Digest-It eliminates black tank odor. It’s an amazing process. These enzymes and bacteria eat and digest the organic and paper materials leaving the black tank smelling fresh and clog free, and help keep the tank sensors clean.

RV Digest-It is easy to use and comes in one of three forms – powder, liquid or pods. We use RV-Digest-It in our black tank after every dump. We also treat our kitchen gray tank after 3 to 4 dumps to dissolve any grease or food particles that may enter tank.

RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Unique RV Toilet Bowl CleanerWe’ve had iLoveRVlife followers contact us and report they use a black tank enzyme product, but they still have odor issues. The diagnosis is usually simple – caustic cleaners such as bleach, Lysol, or other household cleansers are use to clean the toilet. Or worse, bleach or other caustic chemicals are added to the black tank with an attempt to manage odor.

First, using such chemicals in a black tank can damage seals over time and cause the valves to leak. Second, adding these caustic chemicals to a tank containing an enzyme product will destroy the enzyme and kill any active bacteria. This results in continued tank odor and the potential for a valve clog. Even worse, it could take multiple dumps until the tank is free of these chemicals before the enzyme and bacteria can recover.

Just like our home bathrooms, we understand that toilets need to be cleaned. Unique Camping and Marine created the perfect solution – a RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner that is safe to use with active enzyme tank treatments.

The Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner is safe to use with RV porcelain and plastic toilets. It removes stains and bowl rings. It’s fragrance free yet it removes those urine smells from the toilet bowl and surrounding area.

We use a small amount of the bowl cleaner around the inside of the toilet bowl, a light scrub with a brush, then add a small amount to a paper towel to clean around the area. No fragrant smell and a sparkling clean toilet with no impact to the enzymes added to the black tank.

Overall, tank odor and potential clogs can be eliminated with the regular use of Unique RV Digest-It after each black tank dump, using the Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and adding Unique Holding Tank Cleaner to your yearly maintenance schedule. We do and we could not be happier with our results. See the helpful link below for a list of Unique Camping and Marine products to use in your RV travels.

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