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by | Nov 12, 2022

One of the challenges in RV travel is using all of the appliances and an air conditioner at the same time when connected to either a 30 AMP campground connection or a small inverter portable generator. Even with careful management of the amount of appliances operating at any given time, problems often occur when running the RV air conditioner and either blowing the 30 amp breaker or the generator going into over load shut down.

The challenge has been how to manage the RV air conditioner due to the current surge demand required by the compressor. Installing a soft start unit to the RV air conditioner is often required to reduce the high amperage surge on start up. These units are expensive and require some electrical wiring knowledge. Installing incorrectly came damage an air conditioner and void warranty. Active Control, LLC has developed a simple solution that requires no wiring. They have created the Active Start RV Soft Start and surge protector that plugs into a 30 amp campground power pedestal or a portable generator removing any specialized wiring and managing air conditioner compressor power surge.

Active Control ActiveStart Advance Intelligent RV Soft Start

Active Control ActiveStart RV Soft StartThe Active Control ActiveStart is an all-in one RV soft start and surge protector which solves two of the biggest problems in power management. The key benefit of the ActiveStart is reducing the power required to start an RV air conditioner letting RV owners run other 120V AC appliances on a standard 30AMP campground connection, a small 2,000 watt or larger portable generators, even a 15AMP household receptacle.

The Soft Start monitors the power connection including voltage, current, frequency of incoming power and compressor startup and self integrity with the mobile app. Upon a fault condition, the RV Soft Start will halt operation and provide fault information in the mobile app.

Features Include:

  • Starting current reduction
  • Over/under voltage monitoring
  • Over-current protection
  • Diagnostic in ActiveStart mobile app (Bluetooth enabled)
  • Built in Surge protection
  • Soft start circuitry reduces inrush current reduction during A/C and
    other inductive-load appliance startups

Specifications for the 30 Amp RV Soft Start:

  • Inputs: L1 & N
  • Nominal voltage: 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Over voltage limits: 120 VAC nominal = 140 VAC,
  • Under voltage limits: 120 VAC nominal = 100 VAC
  • Surge Protection: 2100 Joules
  • Over current limits: ACS30P = 30A
  • Operating temperature: -4°F to 176°F (-20°C to 80°C)

Our Experience with the Active Control RV Soft Start

30 amp to 50 amp rv adapterWe used the 30 Amp version of the RV Soft Start on our Montana 5th wheel using a 50 Amp to 30 Amp adapter often referred to as a “dog bone”. Our first test was connecting to a 3,500 Watt generator and setting the Active Control Soft Start device to 3,000 Watts using the Bluetooth phone app.

In the video below we show the generator operating between 10 to 12 Amps with a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner, large 3-door residential refrigerator, and the RV converter/battery charger all operating at the same time. Using the Bluetooth app, we were able to monitor the power demands and found the air condition had no power surge when the compressor had its initial start.

connecting rv power to household receptacle We also wanted to test the Active Start to the side of a home using a 15 Amp household circuit and see of the air conditioner and refrigerator would operate at the same time and not cause the household circuit breaker to trip. The Active Start worked flawlessly and the RV operated between 10 to 12 amps with the air conditioner starting and stopping as needed.

We were amazed how well the Active Control ActiveStart Advance Intelligent RV Soft Start worked. And managing the power demands with the Bluetooth app was an added benefit.

Our thanks to Active Control, LLC providing the 30 Amp version of their Intelligent RV Active Start for our evaluation. Watch the video below for more information and click the link below for more information and details how you can purchase this amazing RV product.

Active Control ActiveStart RV soft start
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