about jerry neal

About Jerry Neal

First, I want to welcome you to I Love RV Life. It is a true joy for Joan and I to share our travels and tips with the RV community. We appreciate everyone who visits our website and our YouTube channel to learn more about RV travel. Thank you.

Jerry NealBut, who is Jerry Neal? First and foremost, I’m that family guy. It is great to be the husband to Joan (my high school sweetheart), Dad to two great kids and Pops to the most amazing grandkids in the world. As that family guy, I love those times when we play, cook, tour fun places and even camp with the family! RV travel takes us way from this awesome bunch, but Joan and I always work hard to spend extended family time for holidays, birthdays and special events.

My professional career is varied. I was that corporate guy for a number of years. Starting my technical career in the United States Air Force, more schools than I care to mention, blue jean tech jobs and advancing through the management ranks, I’ve had the fortunate privilege of opportunity, great mentors and experience to work in advanced communications for some of the largest corporations and in the highest of government locations in the US. If you’re interested in the resume, scroll down to the Experience section on my LinkedIn profile.

After millions of air miles, thousands and thousands of hotel stays, and countless nights away from the family, a single event changed my life forever – I decided it was time to leave the corporate life and in 2011 made the move to take our small part-time Internet Marketing business fulltime. Launching Macon Web Designs has been a thrill with the single purpose to help small businesses grow.

Then I Love RV Life happened. One of those happenstance events that occurs and has been an absolute joy to create and expand. Prior to 2017, we posted a few blogs and created a couple videos to share our travels and a few RV tips with friends and family, then boom, the RV community discovered us.

The launch of I Love RV Life started January 2, 2017, making the commitment to produce at least one blog and video a week. Our goal was to share our RV travel and tips in the most positive light possible. No drama. No product shaming. Not watering down the facts. Simple formula, if we liked something, it’s shown on I Love RV Life, if not, we move on to something else. Is it a lot of work? Sure! But, the joy of sharing has been and continues to be a tremendous experience. We’re amazed at the positive comments we read everyday on our YouTube channel about our efforts. Thank you! And how much fun to meet our viewers along our travels. What a joy!

We appreciate everyone who visits our YouTube channel and this site. And why do we do this? That’s right…it’s because I Love RV Life!

Jerry Neal