about jerry neal

About Jerry Neal

First, I want to welcome you to I Love RV Life. It is a true joy for Joan and I to share our travels and tips with the RV community. We appreciate everyone who visits our website and our YouTube channel to learn more about RV travel. Thank you.

I Love RV Life happened. One of those happenstance events that occurs and has been an absolute joy to create and expand. Prior to 2017, we posted a few blogs and created a couple videos to share our travels and a few RV tips with friends and family, then boom, the RV community discovered us.

The launch of I Love RV Life started January 2, 2017, making the commitment to produce blogs and videos throughout each month. Our goal was to share our RV travel and tips in the most positive light possible. No drama. No product shaming. Not watering down the facts. Simple formula, if we liked something, it’s shown on I Love RV Life, if not, we move on to something else. Is it a lot of work? Sure! But, the joy of sharing has been and continues to be a tremendous experience. We’re amazed at the positive comments we read everyday on our YouTube channel about our efforts. Thank you! And how much fun to meet our viewers along our travels. What a joy!

We appreciate everyone who visits our YouTube channel and this site. And why do we do this? That’s right…it’s because I Love RV Life!

Jerry Neal