6 Practical RV Gifts for Your RV Traveler

by | Dec 12, 2022

We created a list of 6 practical RV gifts for your RV traveler. We’ve all received those RV gifts from friends and family that either don’t fit our RV lifestyle or don’t have a practical use. We know the giver had great intentions, but the gifts either get sent back or worse end up in a storage bay never to be used. We wanted to help with the gift ideas this year and created an affordable gift guide with 6 items that are very useful for the RV traveler.

We contacted Kohree, an Amazon seller, and put a list of items that we constantly use and knew would be great gifts for both the new RV traveler as well as those more seasoned. From our first days in an RV, we have purchased and continue to use a wide range of Kohree RV products and all have served us well. We’ve provide helpful Amazon links below, all are Prime, and if you act fast, should be able to receive before Christmas.

Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve

    • Contains a durable pressure gauge with oil to prevent friction of internal components and greatly increases the life of the product.
    • Designed with 3/4″ garden hose threads & NH threads.
    • Adjustable up to 160 PSI. Water pressure setting can easily adjust to desired water pressure by turning screw driver.
    • Better shock, dust and water leaking resistance than plastic shell gauges.
    • Dual-layer inlet screen filter prevents impurity blocking and valve body damage.

50 Amp to 15 Amp 110V RV Adapter Plug

    • 50 AMP twist lock adapter power inlet and needs to plug into 15 AMP power source.
    • MALE Plug 15Amp is NEMA 5-15, 125V. FEMALE Receptacle plug 50Amp is NEMA SS 2-50R, 125/250V.
    • Twist Locking Receptacle. 50A Female locking connector is watertight molded plug with a threaded ring for weatherproof connection.
    • 50 amp to 110 adapter RV plug designed with the LED power indicator will glows green when there is power.
    • Molded RV dog bone electrical adapter cord made of heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic, 100% copper 10/3 gauge wire.
    • RV Adapter Plug also available in 30 Amp twist lock to 15 amp.

25FT No Kink RV Water Hose

    • Lightweight, and flexible. Soft for using or storing, no memory, no bends, no kinks, has longer lifespan for indoor and outdoor usage.
    • Tested free of lead and phthalate, perfect for drinking. No smell/ taste of plastic or rubber.
    • Solid aluminum fitting, well made to prevent water leaking. Easily connects to spigots and attachments, keep tight enough under different water pressure and the fitting won’t get bent out of shape.
    • All-weather flexibility, UV stabilized to against color fading or hardening in summer outdoor. Flexible and keep shape in cold days with a burst strength of 150 PSI.

RV Inline Water Filter

      • 20 microns rating with 5-layer filtration technology reducing 97% of the chlorine in the water and effectively reduce bad taste and odor.
      • Streamlined water flow and reducing waiting time for water storage.
      • Larger capacity design for fast water flow rate.
      • Recommended water filter replacement every 3 to 6 months.
      • Water filter can be attached to any standard water hose or faucet.

    X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers for RV Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels

      • Extends from 1-2/8″ to 10-1/8″. Works with tandem axle travel trailers and 5th wheels.
      • Easy to Install.
      • X-shape wheel stabilizers provide added stabilization and prevent tire shift by applying an opposing force to the two tires reducing trailer movement.
      • X-chock stabilizers are made of steel with a galvanized coating to prevent corrosion.

    Camper Leveler Kit for Travel Trailer and 5th Wheels

      • Made of strong FIBER and a very high-performance nylon polymer to withstand weight up to 35,000lbs.
      • Works with tires up to 32″ diameter.
      • Comes with anti-slip mat and red chock.
      • Levels trailer in increment between 1/2″ and 4″.
      • Comes with anti-slip lines on outer surface and non-slip mats to enhance friction.
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